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Noel Nannup SIFest16

“The purpose of humans is to care for everything...” - Dr Noel Nannup,  well-respected Noongar Elder, storyteller and cultural guide (Social Impact Festival 2016)


At the Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA) we believe deeply in people's capacity and determination to ‘care for everything’ and create the world they want to live in. The Social Impact Festival 2017 is ten days of unique, inspiring and highly participatory events in Perth, WA hosted by CSI UWA. It activates and supports many individuals, organisations and communities to address, design and create innovative solutions to complex social issues.

When: Tuesday 18th - Friday 28th July 2017

Where: The festival will be held at a range of locations at The University of Western Australia, in the Perth central business district and across regional and remote Western Australia.

Objectives of the Festival

  • To share cutting-edge knowledge in social impact and build the capacity of people and organisations working in and creating social change
  • Strengthen, connect and build social impact networks leading to collaboration across all sectors - community, government and business
  • Increase our capacity to make Western Australia better for all

Feedback from the 2016 Festival

  • “I love that this exists. It was such a positive festival and so important to provide a space for social impact.”
  • “I’m now thinking all the time about potential new ways to approach my work through collaborations.”
  • “I feel more connected to Perth and what is happening in our city."
  • "I didn't have to travel over east. Great to see social impact leaders in WA."
  • "Great representation of Indigenous people and culture."
  • "Great range of speakers, and well run, very interactive activities which facilitated lots of thinking and doing."
  • "Events like this are essential for bringing about the changes we want to see."


2017 Festival Themes


 The social impacts of housing


Housing affordability

Housing design

‘What is home’?

      The social impacts of land

The future of agriculture

Creating economic pathways for Indigenous communities

Connection to land

Natural resource management


The social impacts of place

Place-based change

Sustainable cities

Urban design and planning

Local economies

Supporting fair trade

Vibrant active communities


Check out the Social Impact Festival theory of change.

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