The Social Impact Festival 2016 provided a platform for thoughts, ideas, discussion, and creation. Many resources were brought into events, and even more were created during events. Below are some resources that you may find interesting, whether you were there and want to follow up on some ideas, or whether you missed out and want to find out what happened.


General Resources


The Social Impact Festival 2016 Program 

The story of the Social Impact Festival 2016 through the lens of Twitter, captured on Storify

The Social Impact Festival 2016 in photos

The Social Impact Festival 2016 highlights video

Article in Business News: Social enterprises making an impact

Blog post on PRiMEtime: How the Social Impact Festival supports global and local progress

LinkedIn article from Ruth O'Dwyer: Social Impact Festival 2016 - key thoughts

Research team (Master of Social Work students) presentation on cross-sector collaboration in WA

Blog post by Creating Communities


Event-Specific Resources


Stories from the Field: Creating Social Impact (21 July): Stories and Insights

The Edge of Social Impact (21 July): Silvia Zuur's presentation turned into a blog

Imagining Western Australia (22 July): Slido audience interaction report

Stories from the Field: Demonstrating Social Impact (22 July): Stories and Insights

Creating Social Impact Through Collaboration & Data Sharing (22 July): Seminar presentation (Nic Templeman & Shawn Phillips)

Measuring Social Impact in Challenging Real World Contexts (22 July): Seminar presentation (Lisa Wood & Karen Martin)

Families’ Experiences of Childcare Flexibility/Inflexibility in a 24/7 Economy (22 July): Seminar presentation (Michelle Brady); Article in Early Learning Review

Impact Seed Pitch Event (26 July): Read about the panelists and founders

Bold Experiments to Catalyse 21st Century Organisations (27 July): Workshop presentation (Silvia Zuur) 

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